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scientist, philosopher, photographer, dancer, poet, employee, father, etc. 

GREAT - another ambitious photographer went online to throw his amazing images of previously unseen perspectives of our ever-changing itself reflecting world into the flood of images circulating in the world wide web... 
but why? 

I was ruminating this question - why should I...? - a lot.  Having felt attracted by photographing as a child, becoming ambitious in analogous black-and-white photography in my early twenties I took a long pause when photography went digital and the resulting pervasive flood of images drowned any of my ambitions. I started again, well-equipped, around 2010 and, more recently, looked back at all the pictures I took so far by making a few photo books for private purposes. At some point, I thought - not too bad, my pictures more and more seem to show what I thought might to be seen when I decided to press the shutter release button.  

Well, here I am joining the community of passionate image generators still believing in the truth of what a real photograph is able show. 

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